My Story with Sangachadwam – Vijay Raghavan

The first time I heard about Data Science was when a Father of one of my students
insisted that I look into it as a Career option. It was a rough time, I was home preparing for
a competitive exam while sustaining myself teaching Maths and Physics to high school
and college students. It had been over a year since I left a working job as an HVAC design
engineer. Being a mechanical engineer getting a core job as an HVAC engineer is what
most would stick to but not me. After almost 3 years of quitting that job, here I was
contemplating about my career all over again.

As luck would have it I chanced upon Ashvin, a recently converted Data Science intern at
AmberTag analytics and a childhood friend of mine whom I had lost touch with. Ashvin and
I go a long way back, we live in the same street. Ashvin, my brother and I were
inseparable compadres. It had been a long time since we conversed and it was a stroke of
luck that we did. I had already landed an internship with Unilog an e-commerce company
in Mysore and was about to make a move to Mysore half-heartedly leaving a lot of
unfinished business and personal things behind. It was during that conversation Ashvin
invited me over to speak to one of the managers of AmberTag and I readily agreed.

It was on a Monday morning during the early sweeps of Monsoon that I met Mr. Anil
Aropalli; a gentleman to the heart without whom my journey with AmberTag would have
not been possible. We conversed for a while and the topic quickly changed from my
interests in Data Science to Philosophy; a subject that is increasingly finding itself running
amok with everyone having an opinion in the digital world. By the end of that conversation,
my decision was pretty clear. I was to start my Learning the following week as Learner


Sangachadwam is the last word in the Rig Veda. It means let us progress (proceed or
move on) together. It emphasizes the unity of minds to create healthy powerful
organizations for prosperity and happiness of all.

The instructor for the induction day was Professor Amarnath whose seminar on Business
Analytics was clear, concise, and extremely practical. Everyone really valued the seminar.

As the time went by quickly
We were taught R ably by Mr. Anil Ramaswamy, Statistics by Professor Amarnath, SQL by
Gopinath and market basket analysis by Nithin and were given projects to work on.

The first few weeks were confusing and hectic as you would expect from a career
transition but it wasn't without learning. Batch 01 Analytics of Sangachadhwam started off
small with Dushyanth, Hemanth, Bharathi, Veenasa , Netra, Megha and I. Later on Joined
by Anand, Naveen, Suhas, Sri Lekha and Nowami. The training was just for three months
but we had become a tight-knit group already along with Ashvin Karthik and Satvik who
were employees in Ambertag.

As the weeks flew by without many digressions we were invited to attend a “Happiness
Program” initiated by Mr. Bharath Vijay along with Mr. Harish Batani to help us keep a calm
mind, reduce anxiety, increase energy levels and to sustain happiness every day. It was a
mind-numbing experience and has had a profound impact even to this day.

By the end of the three months in Sangachadhwam I had learned a lot and had made quite
a forward stride in my journey towards data science. I had all the freedom to learn at my
pace and was supported well by the trainers of AmberTag , I hope the cultural setup stays
the same and the philosophy that drives Sangachadhwam lives on and may all the
learners coming out of Sangachadhwam aspire and intend to be alike so a common
objective can unify us all “Sangachadhwam”

Vijay Raghavan
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